Rosedale Academy has a successful history of educating international students, in-class and online. Our faculty and guidance team are passionate about every student being successful in our courses. Our online courses provide international students with many advantages, including the ability to study a top Canadian education program from the comfort of their home, and the flexibility to study at their own pace.

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is consistently ranked among the very best in the world.


The OSSD Grade 12 university preparation level courses provide students with a strong foundation to transition onto university studies.

Earning the Ontario diploma greatly enhances a student's opportunity to be admitted into top university programs globally.

International Student Study Options








No matter where students live they are able to earn the acclaimed Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) if they complete a minimum of six Grade 12 credits with Rosedale Academy.  Rosedale Academy works with each student to recognize all credits previously earned internationally. Click here to learn about all of the OSSD program requirements.  To learn more about full-time studies with Rosedale academy Online, click here. 


Our courses are perfect for students who need to complete prerequisite courses or upgrade academic marks to apply to the best universities in Canada and across the globe. Click here to learn about all of our available Grade 12 university preparation courses!


Studying with Rosedale Academy Online

  1. Rosedale Academy Recognizes Prior Learning Internationally
    Rosedale Academy awards credits for high school level courses successfully completed in their home country. 
  2. Only Complete the Courses that You Need
    Depending on when students transition to the Rosedale Academy OSSD program, they will only need to complete any outstanding credits, as well as the Ontario Literacy Test and Community Involvement Hours.
  3. Grow Your English Literacy
    All Rosedale Academy online courses are delivered in English.  English proficiency is required to be demonstrated prior to enrolment through an English placement test.  If students have prior English language learning they may be exempt from writing this placement test.

Our Students are Truly Global

Rosedale Academy is proud to have taught students from all around the globe, including Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, South Korea, Nigeria, Uganda, Colombia, China, and many more.  We look forward to bringing our world-class high school education to future students everywhere! 


  How New Students Can Get Started Now!

  1. Register - Simply register for desired courses using our simple online form and complete the payment details.  After registration students will receive a welcome email providing all the details needed to get started with their courses.  Rosedale Academy will take care of all administration, including creating an Ontario Student Record (OSR) and Ontario Education Number (OEN), which are required to study courses in Ontario.
  2. Provide Identification - Students are required to provide a copy of their government-issued photo ID (passport, driver's license, etc.)
  3. Official International Transcript - Students are required to provide a copy of their official local school transcript translated into English.  Rosedale Academy will use student transcripts to ensure all course prerequisites are met and to determine if an English or Mathematics placement test may be required. 
  4. Get Started! - Students are able to start right away once all required documents are received and confirmed.

  Rosedale Academy Truly Makes an Impact!

Rosedale Academy students entering the world-renowned Waterloo Math program

As an international student, you might not have the confidence needed to study in a language different than yours.  Even though it may sound difficult if you have the tools and the best platforms, such as Rosedale Academy, you can have a great experience studying any subject.  I studied calculus with Rosedale and it was wonderful how I rapidly gained confidence when studying in the English language.  My experience has definitely helped me excel at the University of Waterloo.  I had a great experience at Rosedale Academy.  Without hesitation, I can say the support from my teacher was important for me to reach my trajectory.

Andrei - Rosedale Academy Graduate

Rosedale Academy Online Tuition

Each Rosedale Academy OSSD credit course has a fee of $680.  This fee includes all course resources that students will require.  

Contact us to learn more about the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, our courses, and how you can join our exciting program.