How does it all work?

  • A student can register for any course at any time and work at their own pace. 
  • Each course contains instructional content that covers all the Ontario curriculum expectations and has been carefully designed by Rosedale Academy’s content development team. All of our writers and developers are experienced, qualified teachers in their respective fields, and each is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers. 
  • Assignments and quizzes appear throughout the course content. Students submit their answers and written assignments online. There are interactive activities and multimedia elements throughout the content to engage students, provide opportunities to practice understanding, and differentiate instruction. The assignments are submitted to the online learning environment. 
  • Any tests or quizzes are open-book, timed, and completed online. The final exam is also completed online under the supervision of an appropriate proctor. The student will be responsible for selecting a proctor and submitting an approval application to Rosedale Academy. The date, time, and location of the exam will be mutually agreed upon by the student and proctor. 
  • Once the course is finished, Rosedale Academy will send official copies of the final report card to both the student’s home address and their school, where it can be added to the list of courses on their Ontario Student Transcript (OST).
How are Rosedale Academy courses developed?

Each course has been crafted by our team of experienced writers and developers and exceeds the curriculum expectations set out by the Ontario Ministry.  Each of our team members is certified through the Ontario College of Teachers, and have extensive experience not only developing course materials but teaching with them as well.  As an innovative institution, Rosedale Academy creates courses to engage today’s students, with a focus on integrating interactive multimedia learning elements throughout.  

Are Rosedale Academy courses inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education?

Yes. Rosedale Academy is inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education, and credit courses are recognized by all universities and colleges across Canada and the world.  Rosedale Board School Identification Number (BSID) #668726.

Will my course be recognized by universities and colleges?

Yes. As a ministry of Ontario inspected institution, all credits offered through Rosedale Academy are accepted by every college and university in Canada and around the world.  Online courses are valued the same as a course taken at a physical school location. 96% of Rosedale Academy graduates have been accepted to study at some of the top universities in Canada, the United States and globally.  

Can I get an OSSD with Rosedale Academy online?

Yes. Rosedale Academy will issue an OSSD provided that students complete the typical OSSD requirements.  Rosedale Academy is able to recognize all prerequisite credits received at a home school in Ontario, or across the world.  

  1. 30 Ontario credits
  2. 40 community hours
  3. a passing grade on the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

Contact to learn more about the requirements and fees, and to get your local school transcript assessed. 

How does the credit get transferred to my home school?

When you sign up for a course, your Ontario home school will receive a notification from us. Following the completion of your course, your report card and transcript with completed credit will be sent to your home school within a week of completion. 

What does the course cost?

Our tuition fees are all-inclusive, including all resources and taxes.  
Canadian Students: $590 CAD
International Students: $680 CAD




Who is able to register for Rosedale Academy courses?

Rosedale Academy welcomes full-time, part-time, local and international students of all ages to register for our Ontario high school courses.  

When does registration open? 

Students may register for courses at any time.  There is no defined registration timeline.  To register for a course, visit the course page,

I am an international student; can I still register with Rosedale Academy?

Yes, Rosedale Academy welcomes students from across Canada and all around the world looking to study OSSD courses.  

I am an English Language Learner (ELL/ESL); is Rosedale Academy right for me?

Yes! Rosedale Academy is home to a large number of international students who have English as a second language.  Rosedale Academy teachers are extremely experienced with methods to help support English Language Learners throughout the course to ensure they succeed.  

What do students need to register?

Students are required to provide a copy of their Ontario Student Transcript or a local school transcript showing that they have completed necessary prerequisite courses in addition to a government-issued piece of identification.  A parent or guardian signature is also required for all students under the age of 18. 

What is a prerequisite course? 

A prerequisite course is one that a student must complete prior to enrolling for their desired subject. Prerequisite requirements are determined by the Ontario Ministry of Education in order to ensure that students are properly prepared to take a course at the next level. Students can find required prerequisites by viewing course outlines.  Students must prove that they have all necessary prerequisites by providing a copy of their Ontario Student Transcript (OST), report card, or credit counseling summary. 




When do courses begin?

There are no official start dates.  Rosedale Academy online courses begin at your convenience when you register for the course.  You will receive a welcome letter to your course containing all the information you need to begin.

How long does it take to complete my course?

Each course involves 110-hours of content, which students can complete at their own pace.  Students can work through the course content as quickly or slowly as they see fit, there are no due dates, students submit their assignments when they complete them. Most students studying with Rosedale Academy complete their courses within 12 weeks.  Each course must be completed within 10 months of registration.  Students have the option to pay for course extensions if required. 

Is a textbook required for my course?

All course materials, including an online textbook, is included with Rosedale Academy.  Your course text, interactive multi-media resources, and practice problems are available to students 24 hours a day on our online learning management system.  

How are courses delivered?

Courses are delivered completely through our Moodle online educational platform. This easy-to-use platform is where you will find all:

  • course content
  • interactive activities
  • videos
  • assignments

Our Moodle platform is also where you will submit your assignments, complete online tests, and quizzes and receive feedback from your teachers.

Do I have a teacher who can help me throughout my course?

Yes! You have both an Ontario certified teacher AND an Ontario certified Program Manager who are available to guide you throughout your course. Your teacher is available to provide detailed feedback, grade assessments and provide direction throughout your course experience. If you have questions throughout the course simply send them an email or a message through our Moodle platform if you have questions or concerns.

Am I able to drop my course?

Students are able to fill out a course withdrawal form and drop a course at any time.  If a student withdraws from a course prior to the midterm grade, the withdrawal will not show on their official Ontario transcript.  No refunds are provided for dropped courses.

Are there any due dates in my course? 

No.  You are able to work through the course at your own pace, as long as you are able to complete the course within 10 months of registration.

When is the midterm of my course? When will I receive my midterm grade?

The midterm point is determined based on each specific course outline provided at the start of the course by the course teacher.  Students will receive their midterm grade following completion of the required assignments and assessments at that point in the course. 

How do I write the final exam?

Rosedale Academy final exams are all closed book and completed online under the supervision of an appropriate proctor.  Students are responsible for finding a suitable proctor based on the requirements of the Rosedale Academy Proctor Approval Application form.  The application must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the intended exam date.  If students require a Rosedale Academy proctor, they may request this for a proctoring fee.

Am I required to schedule any other tests outside of the final examination? 

No.  All other class tests can be performed at the student’s convenience.

What technical requirements are needed for Rosedale Academy courses?

Students will need access to the following:

  • A PC with Windows 7 or higher, or, a Macintosh running OS X 10.6 or higher, 2GHz or higher, 2GB RAM or more
  • A high-speed internet connection
  • A microphone, speakers or a headset
  • Microsoft Office (Word/PowerPoint/Excel) or Google (Docs, Sheets, Slides)




When will students receive their course grade and credits?

Report cards are e-mailed to students and mailed to their home school approximately one week following the final examination.  For students’ convenience, we work with the guidance team at the home school to ensure credits are updated on the student official transcript immediately. 

Will my home school accept Rosedale Academy credits?

Yes.  Your home school is required to add all credits earned through Rosedale Academy to your official transcript, according to the policies of the Ministry of Education in Ontario.