Rosedale Academy offers online ESL courses in live class format to students as part of an integrated learning solution. Live class offering is built on top of Rosedale OSSD online learning courses. Students will have the privilege to enjoy the top-notch North American high school learning experiences enabled by leading instructional practice and advanced educational technologies.

All sessions are instructed by Canada expert teachers. The live class is offered through professional video conferencing platform in 1-to-1, Private and VIP format. 


ESL Curriculum


Rosedale ESL curriculum consists of 5 levels from A to E.




Can Do Statement

E Advanced Academic English CEFR: C1
IELTS: 6.5-7.0
TOEFL: 78-101
•    Can participate in academic discussions or debates 
•    Can read a variety of academic texts
•    Can write informational academic essays, letters, and presentations
D Academic English CEFR: B2
IELTS: 5.5-6.0
TOEFL: 45-77
•    Can state opinions on academic topics
•    Can read a variety of different types of texts independently including essays with academic vocabulary
•    Can write basic essays, reports
C Daily to Academic English CEFR: B1
IELTS: 4.5-5.0
TOEFL: 31-44
•    Can make complex social conversations and short presentations
•    Can read long stories, basic academic texts
•    Can write informational paragraphs, official letters or emails
B Advanced Daily English CEFR: A2
IELTS: 4.0
TOEFL: <31
•    Can make simple social and polite conversations
•    Can read short stories and informational texts
•    Can write basic paragraphs, e.g. letters to friends
A Daily English CEFR: A1
IELTS: <4.0
TOEFL: <31
•    Can make simple daily conversation talking about travel, weather, etc.
•    Can read signs, simple instructions, and texts
•    Can write basic sentences telling things in the past, present or future


Live Class Contains 4 Components


•    Scheduled Live Classes: The experienced Canada-based teachers offer live instructional sessions to students through online live video conferencing learning platform. 
•    Interactive multi-media Courseware: Each course contains 110 hours interactive, engaging and differentiated multi-media course contents for student independent learning. 
•    Course assignments, Projects, and Evaluations: The course contains course assignments, projects, discussion, case studies, quizzes, unit tests and exam for student to demonstrate learning outcomes through various formats.  
•    Teacher Feedback and Q&A: Experienced Canada-based teacher provides students individualized feedback throughout the course. The teacher also provides student learning progress reports at milestones and be available for Q&A and assistance for the entire course


Live Class Services  





110 hours of live class instruction by experienced Canada-based teachers


Individualized learning on rich, multi-media, interactive courseware approved by Ontario Ministry of Education


Individualized feedback to 60+ assignments by professional Canada-based teachers


10 summative assignments, 4 unit tests, mid-term and final projects for evaluation


One-year access to digital course platform and Rosedale global community


Support and Q&A throughout the course by Ontario Certified Teachers


Certified mid-term and final report cards by Ontario Ministry of Education


OSSD credit (optional for eligible students) 


ESL Certificate on successful completion


Individual portfolio to demonstrate English proficiency



Live Class Fee Structure  


Live Class


(1 student)

Private Class

(2 students)

VIP Class

(3 students)

ESL Course




CAD 4,599

Per Student Per Course

CAD 3,599

Per Student

Per Course

CAD 2,999

Per Student

Per Course

For Credit* (optional): Plus CAD 200 per student

*Grade 9-12 students in ESLBO/ESLCO/ESLDO/ESLEO are eligible to receive credit.

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