Business Leadership - 12

Course Description:

This course focuses on the development of leadership skills used in managing a successful business. Students will analyse the role of a leader in business, with a focus on decision making, management of group dynamics, workplace stress and conflict, motivation of employees, and planning. Effective business communication skills, ethics, and social responsibility are also emphasized.

Prerequisites: None

Course Outline

Unit 1: Foundations of Management  (20 hours)

In this unit, students will look at what factors are affecting organizations today by looking at trends within organizations.  Students will assess the role of management within organizations. A specific focus will be put on using appropriate communication techniques that are related to business management. Students will use a variety of concepts and theories in developing business documents. Finally, students will learn about the impact of ethics and social responsibility as it pertains to managing people and businesses.

1-1 The Dynamic New Workplace
1-2 Management Fundamentals
1-3 Corporate Culture and Management Theories
1-4 Business Communication
1-5 Ethics and Social Responsibility


Unit 2: Leading (25 hours)

In this unit, students will learn about human behaviour in order to explain how individuals and groups function in the workplace. Students will conduct research and learn about different leadership theories and styles. There will be a focus on understanding group roles and dynamics. Students will have the opportunity to develop proper leadership and teamwork techniques as they engage in an activity on working as a team.

2-1 Personalities and Behaviour
2-2 Human Behaviour and Job Functions                
2-3 Personality Assessments
2-4 Group Dynamics
2-5 Leadership Characteristics
2-6 Leadership Theories and Styles


Unit 3: Management Challenges (25 hours)

In this unit, students will learn about the different challenges that leaders and business managers face on a regular basis. Though communication was discussed in a previous unit, keep in mind it is one of the most common challenges facing managers today.  Students will then learn about employee perceptions and stress and the part that each of these play in creating challenges for business leaders.  Students will look at the different motivational obstacles that managers face when dealing with subordinates.  Finally, the challenge of time management will be looked at in the final lesson.  Keep in mind, in today's workplace, there are many more challenges and obstacles that both business leaders and employees face.  

3-1  Communication Barriers
3-2 Employee Perception Challenges
3-3 Stress and Conflict Challenges
3-4 Motivation Challenges               


Unit 4: Planning and Controlling (10 hours)

In this unit, students will learn about how planning plays an important role in a business' success. Students will be able to demonstrate proper planning techniques in a variety of leadership situations. Students will study strategic planning from an organizational view point and will analyze how leaders respond to internal and external pressures to enact change. Finally, we will look at the importance of the control process in management.

4-1 The Importance of Planning
4-2 Planning Tools and Techniques
4-3 Strategic Planning
4-4 Analyzing Organizational Strategic Plans
4-5 Planning for Change
4-6 Control Process and Systems


Unit 5: Organizing (25 hours)

In this unit, students will learn about the various organizational structures used to manage employees effectively. We will assess the ways that organizational structures have adapted and changed the roles and work of employees to better suit the changing marketplace. Finally, students will evaluate the role that human resources plays in an organization by looking at the relationship between the organization and its workers.

5-1 Organizational Structures
5-2 Organizational Design
5-3 Organizing Change
5-4 Human Resource Processes
5-5 Human Resource Strategies
5-6 Human Resource Performance Appraisals